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Phasmophobia Bulk Add / Remove Items (AHK macro)

Hotkeys / Usage :
You must be fullscreen !
It should work on any resolution, as locations are percentage based

Click "Add" on your equipment list... then you can use the following keys:
* Ctrl+ = Add 1 of each item
* Ctrl- = Remove 1 of each item
* Ctrl* = Add maximum amount of each item
* Ctrl/ = Remove maximum amount of each item

To install :
* You will need AHK (Auto Hotkey) to use this script.
* Just download the script file & put it anywhere

To upgrade from previous version :
* Delete the previous version
* Download the script file & put it anywhere

To start / stop the script :
Once downloaded, double-click to start.
Right-Click it (the H near system time) to exit.

If its running too fast for your PC & missing clicks :
I have clearly labelled the delays you can change.
Just drag the file into Notepad to read/edit it.

Patch Notes :
v1.2 Commented out the beep at end, as it annoyed people.
v1.1 An "All" button was added to Phasmophobia, so Ctrl* uses that now.

Using bots / scripts may be against Terms Of Service for the game... and may get you banned. I take no responsibility if you decide to use this script.

This script is nothing more than a macro though. It does not make any decisions, it does not read the games memory, it does not read the game in any way (apart from window size), it does not write to the game... it SHOULD be OK... but only the game creator can decide this.
If you like / use this tool, please help others findout about it?
Check the #announcements channel of our Discord to findout how!